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The Healing School of Prophetic Ministries

Service Recaps

Here Is a quick recap of the days service

WEdnesday Prayer

October 14, 2020

1. Continuing with our slogan of making the Devil pay.

 Min. Cayson spoke about birthing out your business and stopping procrastination. What better way to make the devil pay then to thrive with your God given talents. There will never be a perfect time. Step out in faith and start where you can. You have God given skills and talents that he wants you to utilize.

Min. Cayson also dropped a nugget about the movement of the spirit. Sometimes God is giving us a word through the moving of the spirit. It is imperative to allow that move to finish so we can get the word God has for us. 


We will be fasting Saturday- Monday (17th-19th) from 6AM-6PM no sweets or junk food.

New Class Alert:

On Sunday 10/18/2020 at 7:00PM we starting our addiction and relationship class. Please tell anyone you know who may be struggling with an addiction.


Kenyona told us about how she is a tither and she's starting her business and had been pouring  money into started her business. She had a certain amount of money that she desired to have and spoke it. God sent her a check for what she asked for and more. Praise God.

Wednesday Prayer

October 4, 2020

 Min. Cayson heard some instructions from God. If you are in need of a miracle follow these three instructions:

1. Fast: Offer a sacrifice to God ( Many of our members are doing a fast of no sweet things (including fruits and liquids) or junk food from 6:00AM-6:00PM starting 10/1/20 until 10/3/20.

2. Take Communion:

a. On 10/14/20 we are taking communion and at our Saturday service in person. Please have %100 Welches grape juice and non-salted crackers, pita bread, or a soft tortilla.

3. Speak Your Miracle Daily:

a. Speak the miracles you are looking for into existence and do the following. Example if you are looking for healing, say you will live and not die.

b. Speak the specific miracle you want into existence. Example: You will have a report the cancer is gone.

c. Speak these things in Jesus name.

d. Don't allow anyone to speak negatively over the miracle you are looking for. Bind up negativity and speak life. Example: if someone says they don't look like they'll make it you rebuke/bind up that statement and say he/she shall live and not die.

Sunday Meeting

September 30, 2020

1.We were joined by brother Antwan who announced that he will be starting a radio show for men but all are welcome.

2. The Healing School of Prophetic Ministries has adopted the slogan " Make the Devil Pay." Utilize God's financial system and make the Devil pay. Minister Cayson spoke about how we can make the Devil pay. When he does things for evil take those experiences and tribulations and use it for God's good. This will make him regret that he ever messed with you because you are using the bad to bring good.

3. As a reminder don't forget to honor the Lord by being obedient and paying your tithes and offering.

4.We are having our ministry celebration in April, 2021 and our first annual King's Sons and Daughter's Conference in August, 2021. We are asking that you donate a minimum of $25 a month for a total of $225 per member. All donations should be in by June, 2021. For the April celebration please get with Ms.Pooh to let her know that you would like to come so that she can get a head count and the split cost. Feel free to send a text in the group message or leave a message under


1. Ms. Pooh told her testimony about how because she is a tither, God released her keys in the mist of a pandemic. When the leasing office was closed she was still able to get the keys to move into her home.

2. Ms. Nicky felt really good after ending her fast so much that she wants to fast on Thanksgiving.

3. Alisha spoke about how she wasn't feeling the best today, but the laughter and the fellowship with the ministry uplifted her.

4. Jamika shared how she has been more at peace since she gotten closer to God. She also shared how her children were being haunted and after following the instructions of Minister Cayson her children stopped hearing the voices.